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ITPOKA is an emerging potential IT organization which has its own resources to pave the way towards making impossible into possible. ITPOKA believes in ultra and advanced technology and has the flourishing expertise to cope up any challenging winning in the achievement of any level. ITPOKA is such a promising and trustworthy organization which believes in excellence and keeps abreast with timeís demand and fulfillment with assurance of quality compliance of international standard. ITPOKA caters for any demands of its customers with the cutting edge technology and epoch making success with the utmost quality and satisfaction

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ERP System Software is a software solution for any Industrial Area. It can automate every activity of any Industrial Area. Moreover, this customized system has supportive modules to handle Accounts system, Human Resource & Payroll Management, Sales& Commercial System, inventory Systems, Production Systems and Quality Control Systems. This software system is highly secured, portable and able to operate in a variety of computing environments.

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